The Marketplace is one of those relational networks where God wants to use

your life.  Helping others come to know Christ and the life and hope He brings

is a step-by-step process, like a farmer sowing seed (Mark 4:26-29).  Some of the critical steps include (in order):

1.  Developing your relationship with Christ. (John 15:5)  You can’t pass on what you are not personally experiencing.

2.  Paying the cost to be a laborer. (Matt 9:36)  God can only use your life if you are available and willing to be used by Him in the lives of others.

3.  Praying for your friends who do not yet know Christ.  God is the One who causes the light of Christ to shine in a person’s heart. (2 Cor 4:6)  

4.  Teaming up with others who know Christ to pray and build friendships together with other work colleagues.  Two are better than one.  (Eccl 4:9-12)

5.  Taking initiative to build relationships, show love, serve others.  Genuine empathy, compassion and respect is a powerful witness to the reality of Christ in us. (Matt 5:14-16)

6.  In everyday normal conversations, dialoguing about relevance of faith to everyday life.  Talk about God, the Bible, the Lord Jesus, faith, prayer, etc. Sharing the good news of the difference Christ can make in our lives is a process, one seed at a time, building more and more intrigue as time goes on.

7.  Inviting others to read the Bible together with you.  Introduce them to other believers. The more believers a person knows who are genuinely walking with Christ, the more plausible the Gospel becomes.

8.  Knowing how to help a person place their faith in Christ, but leaving the decision and timing to God.  We simply “midwife” the new life as God brings  it into existence.

9.  Staying involved, continuing to build deeper friendships, looking for where God is working. Others may not see their need for Christ today, but life happens, and God will open their eyes to see their need for Him.

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If you have questions about helping others in the Marketplace come to   

know Christ, we’d love to help.   Please call Detroit area Navigators staff

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As those who belong to Christ, God has placed all of us in various relational networks where He can use our lives to be a living witness showing the world the difference the Lord Jesus can make in a person’s life. One of the leaders of The Navigators likes to say, “God’s plan is to place His people strategically in the world as alongsiders next door to everywhere.”


Bringing the good news of hope and life

in Christ to those in the Marketplace


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