The Navigators U.S. Metro Ministries - Detroit
Read the Bible...
Knowing God Personally
God has guided in the writing of
the Bible to record how He has
revealed Himself to us down
through history.  But where do I start in reading the Bible?
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Praying for those who
do not yet know the Lord Jesus
What does God do in drawing a person to Christ?  How can I pray?
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Helping  others grow in their faith by praying for them
Paul's prayers from the 
New Testament listed side-by-side
from three versions of the Bible.  
Good to use in praying for those
you are helping in their faith.
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Resources from Field Staff with The Navigators
Resources used by The Navigators world-wide. Compiled by Bob Walz, veteran Navigator staff
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The Navigators’
National Website Resources
Many time proven resources to help others grow in their faith in Christ
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Discipleship Library
An extensive collection of free audio files of sermons and studies   recorded over the past 50+ years.      A large portion of these talks are    from The Navigators' audio archives and were given by many of our   current and past leaders.
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All resources in Adobe PDF format









Bible Reading Record
A chart that has all the chapters from the 66 books of the Bible listed for easy check-off as you read
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Reading the New Testament
for the First Time
30-day reading plan for first time
New Testament readers
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Let me ask you something
Great article on using questions
In sharing Christ with others
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Marketplace Ministry Resources (Faith @ Work)
Special resources especially for ministry in the Marketplace
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I-Zone resources
Creating “Irresistible Environments” where friends can come to know
the Lord Jesus”
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Names of God 
In the Old Testament
Why we can trust God 
16 Hebrew names given to God 
in  the Old Testament
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